Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy as a Lark

We have one group of very happy siblings about now - they have finally gotten to hold their new sister!  Caleb, especially, is happy as he has been asking practically daily, "Am I going to get to hold Leah yet?".  Mommy was discharged from the hospital for the second time on Friday and we all went to get her and it was also a chance for the kids to see Leah.  Since she has been put back on the oxygen she is doing great and since she is otherwise very stable, we could let the kids hold her for a brief time.  As you can see below, by the beaming smiles they all were "happy as a lark".  Mommy is happy too to be out of the hospital and hopes to stay out for good this time.  She has been changed over to oral antibiotics and will be rechecked in 2 weeks.  Thankfully her fever has not come back and she is feeling much less fatigued.

Biggest sister holding littlest sister
Biggest brother holding littlest sister

Noah holding Leah

Joshua holding Leah

Very Proud Caleb holding Leah

Happy as a lark Uriah holding Leah

Big little sister holding littlest sister

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